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Forrester Predictions 2023: Commerce Report

In 2023, commerce companies will choose operations optimization as their north star. Commerce platforms are expected to drive relevant insights at a massive scale and rely on machine learning to automate improvements to the shopper experience and logistics. Decision-making around customer experience, fulfillment, and cost-savings will all revolve around what’s most efficient and effective.

What shoppers see won’t be the only focus for retailers. Companies like Amazon and The Home Depot are honing their investments in last-mile logistics and delivery. If 2022 was about experimentation, 2023 will be about doubling down on what works.

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“In 2023, a third of digital businesses will abandon or restructure midstream projects that prove too complex to execute or maintain. Some digital businesses are overcorrecting as they abandon proprietary and legacy tech to embrace the most custom and flexible — but massively complex — commerce tech ecosystems.” —Forrester, “Predictions 2023: Commerce”

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