At the end of February, Lucidworks announced the release of Fusion 4. Since then we’ve been highlighting some of the capabilities and new features that it enabled. Here’s a look back at what we’ve covered:

The Basics

Fusion 4 Ready for Download – Written overview of Fusion 4.0 features.
Fusion 4 Overview – Webinar on the new features in Fusion 4.0.
Machine Learning in Fusion 4 – Short blog outlining Fusion 4 ML features.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing Your Search Engine with Fusion 4.0 – Blog on how to successfully test whether your changes improve or degrade click-throughs, purchases, or other measures.
Experiments in Fusion 4.0 – Webinar on A/B testing.

Head-n-Tail Analysis

Head-n-Tail Analysis in Fusion 4 – Webinar on Head-n-Tail analysis. Head-n-Tail fixes user queries that return results your users aren’t expecting.
Use Head-n-Tail Analysis to Increase Engagement – Blog explaining Head-n-Tail analysis.
Keep Users Coming Back – Technical paper on Head-n-Tail analysis.

Advanced Topics

Advanced Spell Check – Written overview of how Fusion 4 can provide solutions for common misspellings and corrections.
Using Learning to Rank to Provide Better Search Results – Blog overviewing how LTR can be used with Fusion 4 signals.
Increase Relevancy and Engagement with Learning to Rank – Technical paper covering how to implement Fusion 4 signals into Solr’s Learning to Rank algorithm.
Using Google Vision Image Search in Fusion – Short video highlighting how to use Google Vision to implement advanced AI-powered image search in Fusion 4.
Smarter Image Search in Fusion with Google’s Vision API – Blog on how to augment Fusion with Google Vision API.

Fusion 4 is a great release and I’d encourage you to download and try it today.

Next Steps

If you’ve tried Fusion 4 and some of its features, let’s dive deeper and look at some use cases!