Today Lucidworks was recognized by KMWorld as being one of the most innovative organizations in knowledge management for 2021. Lucidworks builds powerful knowledge management and enterprise search applications for organizations like Red Hat, SAS, and Regeneron to ensure employees get the right information at the right time, every time.

Lucidworks knows that getting employees the information critical for their jobs is more important than ever—no matter where they are in the world. A powerful enterprise search solution gives teams access to all the data and documents they need to improve collaboration, foster innovation, and streamline workflows.

“For years, customer experience (CX) has taken priority over employee experience, but companies are increasingly discovering a connection between better EX and improved CX,” said Justin Sears, VP of Product Marketing at Lucidworks. “Engaged employees get more done and they deliver better customer experiences. Yet, outdated knowledge management systems hinder employee productivity and could even accelerate attrition. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud (CXC) combines the power of search and machine learning to personalize experiences to meet each employee’s unique intent, in the moment when that intent matters.”

“Flexibility, agility, and the ability to pivot are attributes that have become critical to forward-thinking companies—and that is particularly the case now. Successful organizations don’t want to merely survive; they want to dominate their market sectors. But to do that, they need the right tools and products,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld.

“Amidst the dramatic changes taking place today, innovative organizations are seeking new approaches to improve their processes. The 2021 KMWorld 100 is a list of leading-edge knowledge management companies that are helping their customers to expand access to information, leverage new opportunities, and accelerate growth.”

Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud (CXC) for Knowledge Management collects insights about how employees work and then optimizes the experience of work for the entire organization, based on those insights. CXC captures signals including frequently viewed documents, an employee’s role in the organization and their areas of expertise—all with the objective of helping them do their job better.

CXC breaks down insight silos and empowers employees to focus their time on valuable activities, not mindless repetitive tasks. It does this by applying signals in real-time to personalize search results, navigation options or recommendations, and helps teams and individuals make relevant connections to the information they have at hand.

Are you searching for an enterprise search solution? This cognitive search buyer’s guide will walk you through the key features to consider when choosing an enterprise search solution. You’ll learn the must-have functionality that is core to any successful application, as well as advanced capabilities that make enterprise search more powerful. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

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