Today’s shoppers, whether they are researching, shopping, or getting support, expect a seamless, information-rich experience across your brand. Many of the world’s largest companies – across industries – are combining Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and built-in ecommerce search solutions like Adobe Search & Promote (soon to be end-of-life) to power their websites. Without a robust search, browse, and discovery experience, ecommerce leaders may be missing an opportunity to engage and convert shoppers.

At Lucidworks, we’ve helped leading brands fill this gap and supercharge their AEM ecommerce experiences by integrating machine learning and signals across omnichannel touch points to deliver ease and personalization along their customer journeys.

Here are 10 ways your organization can augment AEM with Lucidworks AI-driven ecommerce solutions to improve the shopper experience, boost conversions, and ease the burden on your ecommerce team.

1. Connect data with ease through a bidirectional integration with AEM

Lucidworks offers a connector supporting AEM integration and enabling advanced data enrichment. AEM can consume results from Lucidworks search engine, Fusion, and similarly, Fusion can index all content managed in AEM. Fusion utilizes the AEM QueryBuilder API to retrieve results from AEM and index them into Fusion. Fusion provides a rich set of services such as Restful APIs for applications like AEM to interact with.

2. Optimize AEM listing and landing pages

You can populate virtually any component on your AEM listing page intelligently using machine learning models that take into account the individual shopper’s intent, context, other signals.

Machine learning models can further improve your landing page outcomes based on specific parameters unique to your customers and brand, such as campaign, referrer, channel, context, and user behavior.

3. Personalize AEM content based on shopper intent

You can automatically personalize the shopper journey by providing individualized content and product results that are powered by signals-based intent detection which identifies then actions on behaviors such as search and clickstream activity.

4. Make AEM search better with advanced AI-driven search functionality

Going beyond basic built-in search functionality in AEM, Fusion provides advanced ecommerce search capabilities, such as predictive type-ahead, natural language search, and contextual faceting, all within a framework that enables you to continually own and innovate a unique brand experience.

5. Deliver relevant suggestions to increase AOV with machine learning

By incorporating individual signals, machine learning models can provide relevant suggestions that guide shoppers along their journeys. This improves both product discovery and findability, delivering a frictionless, engaging experience.

6. Improve the browse experience with dynamic personalized faceting

Dynamic facets can display the most product-relevant attributes based on data and signals, improving usability, reducing purchase friction, and driving higher conversions.

7. Eliminate zero-results searches with semantic vector search

A cloud-based service powered by sophisticated machine learning models, Never Null’s semantic vector search can be quickly plugged into any search platform to help reduce zero-results (and ultimately bounce rates).

8. Enhance product discovery with NLP

Using natural language processing on semi-structured and unstructured data, you can dramatically improve search relevancy and reduce friction for shoppers. Connect your shoppers to relevant products by understanding their intent and natural language queries.

9. Empower your merchandisers

A feature of Fusion, the Predictive Merchandiser visual UI solution, allows for drag and drop, pin, boost, and bury as well as more advanced rules management – with just a few clicks. Integrating this merchandising solution with AEM can ease the burden on your merchandisers through manual rule reduction and an easy-to-use interface that they can adjust on the fly to respond to trends and shopper needs.

10. Refine ecommerce strategies with easy testing and reporting

You can carry out multiple experiments to test your strategies and tactics, driving higher conversions and improving ecommerce metrics.

Configuring Lucidworks to Connect with Adobe Solutions

In addition to all of the above, Lucidworks ecommerce solutions integrate with and bring tremendous value to the Adobe ecosystem. AEM has had search options for years, but the options were neither cloud-native nor maintained by one of the market leaders behind powerful enterprise search. Now, AEM users can quickly connect with a cloud-ready, flexible search solution, protected with best-in-class security, with autoscaling based on searches or schedules. Those features alone lower your total cost of ownership when it comes to enhancing full-text search, index performance, semantic vector search, and site experience tools for merchandisers, all within AEM.

More than simply introducing new features, augmenting your AEM with Lucidworks delivers metrics, automatic updates, enhanced security, backup and restore, and a best-in-class cloud and hybrid platform for enhanced speed. Schedule a demo to get a deep dive into how our solutions work for your AEM website.

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