Adobe has announced that Adobe Search & Promote’s end-of-life (EOL) is scheduled for September 1, 2022. The company mentioned a yet-to-be-released Search & Promote replacement called “Magento Live Search.” 

If you are a current Adobe customer, you can wait for the new solution without knowing whether its features and capabilities would fit your needs. Or you can consider replacing Adobe Search & Promote with Lucidworks Fusion – an AI-powered platform that enables you to capture and leverage insights at each customer touchpoint to deliver a fully connected digital experience, from product discovery to customer service

An Adobe Search & Promote Replacement with Enriched and Scalable Enterprise Capabilities

Fusion improves, expands, and modernizes Adobe Search & Promote’s capabilities, enabling brands to exceed today’s customer expectations. Fusion connects data and applies machine learning across the entire commerce journey, from acquisition to conversion. It also connects insights through customer service and employee experiences.

  • Go beyond Adobe Search & Promote’s standard search and leverage machine learning to enhance Browse, Navigation, and Recommendations
  • Use signals to personalize and reduce friction along the customer journey
  • Serve curated experiences at scale and reduce tedious manual work for your merchandisers
  • Capture and unify data across channels for an intuitive, omnichannel digital experience

Evaluating Fusion as an Adobe Search & Promote replacement? Request a demo to see a feature-by-feature comparison and how Fusion can transform the ecommerce experience for your customers.