A recent Forrester report found that most brands put personalization and omnichannel capabilities at the top of their enterprise-level priority list. However, two-thirds of businesses report an inability to consistently service customers across touchpoints and personalize those experiences. These challenges reflect many of the conversations we have with industry leaders across retail, insurance, healthcare, financial services, and government.

We are excited to see significant market adoption of Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud—our response to the challenges of omnichannel personalization. The Connected Experience Cloud is a suite of products that allow brands to personalize experiences at scale, based on their unique business needs.

By partnering with Lucidworks, customers including Guardian Life Insurance, CDW and KÜHL deliver relevant, personalized digital experiences to customers and employees and improve customer satisfaction, conversions, average order value (AOV), null search results and operational efficiency.

We are proud to play a role in our customers’ success with Lucidworks CXC. In addition to the three customers highlighted in our most recent press release here, brands such as goop, Lenovo and Reddit rely on Lucidworks to power omnichannel personalization that drives revenue growth, increases operational efficiency, and improves the customer experience.

Guardian Life Insurance Transforms Knowledge Management and Employee Experience

Guardian Life Insurance is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States with 8,000 employees and a network of over 3,000 financial representatives. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud connects employees with the most relevant data to streamline workflows and improve the overall employee experience.

Providing the right information to the right person at the right time is imperative to our digital enablement. At Guardian Life Insurance, this happens through the Guardian Online portal where thousands of our users access vital data to support their day-to-day tasks. With Fusion powering the portal’s search, employees seamlessly find what they are looking for, eliminating frustration and improving productivity.

-Kevin Moriarty, Vice President, Customer Technology Solutions, Guardian Life Insurance

CDW Boosts Conversion Rate and Slashes Null Results

Technology solutions provider CDW has a suite of offerings that includes a full and diverse inventory of solutions and services. The company turned to Lucidworks to provide an omnichannel search experience for its sellers and customers to unify and personalize their experiences with the brand.

At CDW, we believe in investing in the right solutions that align with business priorities and simultaneously improve customers’ experience. Throughout our evaluation of search solutions, Lucidworks Fusion scored high, given its artificial intelligence, machine learning and multi-tenancy capabilities. When we decided on Fusion, our goals were to improve relevancy, reduce null search results, and increase add-to-cart and conversion rate. After moving 100% of traffic to Fusion, we saw our order conversion and add-to-cart rates increased and null search results have dropped.

-Naresh Palvai, CDW, Lead Application Developer

KÜHL Drives Average Order Value and Delivers Personalized Customer Experience

KÜHL is the premier brand for high-performance outdoor apparel. The company relies on Lucidworks’ advanced machine learning capabilities and product discovery solution to deliver a best-in-class digital experience that drives AOV and conversions.

KÜHL takes great pride in delivering value in our products that we know is above and beyond the prices we charge to the customer. Partnering with Lucidworks is like finding your adventure partner whose business model, service, and product delivers an equally incredible value. At KÜHL, we get a lot done with fewer employees than competing enterprises in the outdoor clothing industry. Given how sophisticated the Lucidworks platform is, their support and the capabilities allow our small ecommerce team to deliver personalized, relevant, and dynamic shopping experiences. The platform collects shopper signals to influence result ranking, has pre-configured ML models, and creates the compelling experiences our stakeholders and customers demand from our brand, driving higher conversion and higher AOV.

-Timothy Boyle, Director of Ecommerce, KÜHL

Build Your Own CXC

Between Lucidworks search and AI platform Fusion, add-ons and managed services, as well as deep domain expertise among our customer-facing staff, we offer everything your company needs to create their CXC and fundamentally transform their business. Contact us today to learn how CXC can power omnichannel personalization for your brand, and register for our event Activate Product Discovery on March 18th to hear from customers and experts.

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