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In the fast-evolving search industry, Forrester’s recent publication of The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search Platforms, Q4 2023 evaluation stands as a beacon showing the path forward. Rowan Curran and the experts at Forrester possess unparalleled insights into the search space, regularly addressing buyer and customer questions thereby staying ahead of market developments. Lucidworks views the new Forrester report as a clear indication of the transformative solutions required for the future of search and the dynamic vendor landscape that will deliver it.

What is cognitive search?

At the heart of Forrester’s report lies the concept of cognitive search — a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that elevates search capabilities. The result is personalized, contextual results beyond traditional keyword matching. This approach integrates natural language processing (NLP), machine learning algorithms, and knowledge graphs to understand user intent, pinpoint relevant entities, and provide results aligned with user needs and objectives.

The critical hallmarks of cognitive search encompass semantic understanding, NLP, personalization, user behavior analysis, machine learning, and real-time optimization.

Cognitive search offers several benefits, including enhanced relevance, personalized experiences, improved discovery, reduced search fatigue, and increased engagement and conversion. Done correctly, cognitive search accelerates relevance and provides an improved search experience for users.

What’s driving the future of search?

Industry analyst firms such as Forrester, IDC, and Gartner are recalibrating their focus, retiring or reorienting older reports while emphasizing cognitive search, commerce search, and workplace solutions. These shifts mirror evolving market demands and practitioner inquiries.

Underpinning these changes are solutions that support search capabilities, chiefly pivoting towards automation, generative AI, ML and their role in curating a more pertinent user search experience. Lucidworks has been at the forefront, investing significantly in developing the next generation of solutions within these domains, positioning itself to offer cutting-edge commercial applications that yield high ROI.

Several functions underpin a modern search program. They include:

Cognitive Search at Scale: Enter Neural Hybrid Search™, Lucidworks’ amalgamation of Lexical and Semantic search powered by deep learning, enabling automated understanding at scale.

Generative AI and ML for Search: Lucidworks AI™, launched in 2023, manages AI, large language models (LLMs), pre-packaged commercial solutions, security, and expert services.

Search Evolution for Various Use Cases: AI-driven solutions tailored for the workplace, merchandising, product discovery, and more, accelerating productivity and refining the search experience.

Adaptable Technology Integration: Lucidworks empowers clients to integrate any data science model, leveraging existing investments or crafting intelligent search solutions.

Harnessing User Intent Signals: The Lucidworks Platform puts signals to work by capturing rich user clickstreams and metadata to prioritize interactions and drive precise relevance.

Agile Deployment and Partner Ecosystem: The Lucidworks Platform offers configurable, scalable, and agile technology complemented by a flexible deployment model and an extensive partner ecosystem.

Transparent and Scalable Pricing: Lucidworks adopts simplified and Dynamic Pricing™ strategies, including all Lucidworks products in every deal, eliminating complexities for swift value realization.

Search ROI as a North Star: A recent study by Forrester Research underscores an impressive 391% ROI achieved through Lucidworks’ offerings.

Lucidworks’ resoundingly positive ratings in recent reports and on review platforms underscore the significance clients attribute to a vendor offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge search solutions.

Download the full Forrester report and dive deeper into Lucidworks’ placement.

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