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Activate Customer Service (On-Demand)

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Improve self-service and agent effectiveness.

Learn how to use search and machine learning to connect customers with support information, while enabling your agents to be more effective.

Activate Customer Service is a virtual event that took place June 24, 2021. Check out expert-led sessions where you’ll gain insight into how data and your technology stack can be leveraged to create better customer service experiences for both your customers and support agents.

Topics covered include:

  • Data-Led Decision Making for Customer Service Pain Points: Use signals and data to make informed decisions and address pain points across the customer journey.
  • Call Deflection and Agent Effectiveness in Salesforce: Learn how to leverage Salesforce to improve customer self-service and boost call deflection, increasing agent effectiveness.
  • Leverage Semantic Search to get Answers in the First Position: Learn how Smart Answers applies deep learning and semantic vector based solutions to chatbots to return answers for customers in the critical first position.

View Activate Customer Service session videos and start enabling better customer self-serve solutions and agent effectiveness.

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