“Rebranding” can often be perceived as a superficial facelift. We might notice a change in a brand’s design, but may not necessarily consider the deeper implications. In truth, an effective rebranding should represent a brand’s realignment and commitment around strategy, messaging, and story-telling. It’s an intensive process that requires thoughtful consideration of how a brand presents and asserts itself and its mission in the world.

For Lucidworks, we wanted to modernize and refresh our brand to more accurately represent our dedication to search and connecting people in their moment of need. Our goal has always been about creating connected experiences and answering a fundamental question about search: “What does the user want?” We felt it was time that we updated our look to match our aspirations and reaffirm our dedication to making search simple.

Our mission has always been to deliver powerful and easy-to-adopt search solutions for brands to get closer to meeting the needs of their customers and employees. The following is a deep dive into the unique design elements chosen to represent the new style of Lucidworks and how each reflects what we strive for.

A focus on connection

One of the most significant elements of our revamped look are the waves and linework flowing around people. They are meant to represent the “connected” element of connected experiences and reflect how signals show our preference and intent. The insights from these signals are what can be harnessed to connect people to the right information at the right time –making connected experiences possible.

Highlighting the joy of discovery

Another major element that we wanted to highlight was the burst of excitement and joy in a moment of discovery. The signals mentioned above are what enable these moments, and discovery solutions than harness signals are key to our overarching goal in search – understanding what customers really want, and how to give it to them. We wanted to represent this in our imagery by emphasizing the instant clarity of discovery.

An optimistic and colorful outlook

The world is full of color and excitement and, similar to the joy of discovery, we should be emphasizing that optimism in our brand and how we represent search. We did this by opting for bright and vibrant colors that reflect the energy and delight that comes from people being understood, finding what they are looking for, and feeling connected. Customers and agents alike should feel the energy and optimism of knowing they will effortlessly find what they are seeking when it comes to search.

Recommitting to who we are

At the end of the day, this refresh is meant to reflect our goal of making search simple. These are the ways we’re delivering.

As a designer, crafting the visual story of what is important to us is the most exciting part of working on our updated look. This refresh is meant to reassert goals we’ve always had, not change who we are. We want this new look to better capture our commitment to the shared, human, connected experiences we have always made possible.

If you haven’t taken a tour yet, start here and poke around!

A special thank you to our branding agency partner, April Six.

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