In this episode of Connected Experiences, Jess was joined by Kate Purmal and Lee Epting. Both shared their perspective on connected experiences and the importance of connection with self – and how it can be channeled through the lens of their collaborative book, COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence.

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Both Kate and Lee come from rigorous technology backgrounds, serve on boards of directors, and are active executive coaches. A common theme that has cropped up in their work is the challenge of recognizing and being aware of one’s internal thoughts in the moment – and how it impacts their external actions. This has become especially prevalent in the past couple of years. As executive coaches, both work closely with clients to bring them closer in touch with those internal emotions, and illuminate how they are not as alone in their feelings as they may think.

“The community aspect of what we do is so important and the primary driver for that, and what we hear from our clients, is that they recognize they are not the only one who is struggling. That simple acknowledgement can get them on this journey of transformation.”
– Lee Epting

Kate and Lee also spoke on the meaning behind the title of their book, specifically related to what it means to be composed – to feel confident and present even when under personal or professional pressure. A major impetus for the creation of COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence was to channel the years of experience into helping professionals learn how to process their feelings in a productive way that allows them to show up as their most confident, competent, and composed selves. This connection to self ultimately leads to better connection to purpose and community.

“The book is really the culmination of everything we learned through this process of doing live programs with hundreds of executives. What we wanted to do was make it fully accessible to everybody.”
– Kate Purmal

COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence was released on October 19th, 2021. Learn more about it here.

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