You already know how important it is for brands to have a dedicated and adaptable strategy for their digital experience. The next critical step is to ensure that customers are walking into a personalized, effortless service experience – no matter what they need. Creating a personalized and meaningful experience can be easier said than done, so our team hand-selected four posts that will help brands perfect their digital customer service experience.

How to Build Trust and Retain Customers in Digital Channels

  • Building brand trust and awareness across digital channels is foundational to a successful digital strategy and overall customer experience. Product Manager Katie Boschele shares how listening to customers, streamlining support, and having a plan for long-term loyalty can help brands thrive.

Chatbots for Self-Resolution and Happier Customers

  • A chatbox experience can be the difference between a customer feeling heard and cared for, or giving up entirely. In his Activate 2021 presentation, Lucidworks Senior Solutions Engineer Steven Mierop shared his thoughts on how to best utilize chatbots to help customers self-solve and leave with a great brand impression.

How to Deliver the Concierge Experience for Shop-from-Home Customers

  • Brands that rely on an engaging in-person concierge service had to make a quick pivot during COVID. Director of Marketing Andy Wibbels shares how ecommerce companies that rely heavily on a tailored concierge experience translated in-person to online.

3 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Customer Support Agents

  • A quality customer service experience relies not only on the technology set in place to support the customer, but also the technology that supports the service agent on the other side of the equation. Jenny Gomez, Director of Product Marketing, shares three ways brands can ensure their support agents are getting support as well. Empowered and happy agents lead to better and more personalized customer experiences.

Brands that want to excel in their total connected experience should focus on delivering memorable, personalized customer service. Whether the brand wants to revamp their digital concierge or double down on the capabilities of their chatbots, investing in and supporting customer service always pays off.

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