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Consumer Electronics Ecommerce Strategy: Make Every Moment Count in 2022

Lucidworks surveyed consumers across the U.S. and U.K. who shop for consumer electronics online at least once a quarter. The survey revealed that more than half of shoppers experience a preferred item frequently or almost always being out-of-stock online.

Proactive communication about product availability and relevant recommendations that match shoppers’ tastes can keep customers from getting frustrated by unavailable products. Retailers have to connect the dots between fluctuating inventory and shopper preferences when their favorite items are low-in-stock or back-in-stock and push relevant recommendations in the meantime.

This survey report focuses on three solutions to put the latest and greatest consumer electronics in shoppers’ hands and homes:

  • Make more relevant recommendations. Shoppers are open to browsing alternatives when their preferred item is unavailable.
  • Alert shoppers when their favorite items are low-in-stock and back-in-stock. They don’t want to miss out.
  • Ensure shoppers can find the items you do have. Smart search and filtering boosts average order value.

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