You can do so much more with Fusion.

Build Better Experiences

Customers and employees expect Amazon-like user experiences.
We can help.

Sell More Stuff

Advanced signal processing and machine learning help transform browsing to buying.

Analyze HUGE Data

Advances in search technology coupled with the rise of Big Data means search is the new BI.

Own Your Data

We’re built on an Open Core, which means your data is YOUR data. Forever.

Unmatched Scale

Lucidworks is built on Solr, the world’s most trusted open source enterprise search platform.

Keep the Bad Guys Out

Advanced security and permissions keeps your data safe and sound.

Fusion brings it all together.

Develop the industry-leading experiences your users expect with the most advanced search platform available. Then manage your implementation with Fusion’s beautiful administrative UI.

screenshot-1 screenshot-2 screenshot-3

Getting started is a snap.

1. Download

2. Run

3. Build

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