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Build, deploy, and scale mission-critical search applications using Lucidworks Fusion.

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Search Is the New Killer App: How Search Delivers on the Promise of Big Data

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Our recommendation engine was originally built on Lucene. Lucidworks Fusion provided the UI, security, and support we needed to make the move to Solr while minimizing our dependency on IT resources. With our initial success using Solr and Lucidworks, we're moving all of our search applications to Fusion."

Andrew Hecox
Manager, Software Engineering
Red Hat

Search is the ultimate killer app.

Search has quickly evolved from being a text box on a website to being front and center in nearly every consumer and enterprise application. Fusion gives you everything you need to index, search, and analyze any data set in real-time and at any scale. Enterprise search doesn't have to be an enterprise headache.

Awesome right out of the box.

As a standalone search platform or as an extension of your existing Solr implementation, Fusion provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy intelligent search apps at every level of your organization—at any scale.

Search all your data. Easily.

Users don't care that you have terabytes of structured and unstructured data. They don't care about the complexities of distributed computing or machine learning. They just want a simple way to get valuable insights. We can help.

The most relevant results. Every time.

Relevance is one of the most complex components of a search engine implementation, but it has a direct impact on how users perceive the value of the search system. Fusion gives you all of the tools you need to measure, tune, and improve relevance.

Lucene/Solr Revolution

Austin, TX, October 13-16, 2015

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Understanding Intention: Using Content, Context, and the Crowd to Build Better Search Applications

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