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Scaling Lucene and Solr

Loading When Lucene and Solr load a Document from the index (say for highlighting and hit display), all of the stored fields for that Document are loaded at once. If…



Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit

running, we can deploy a new SolrCloud cluster. Launch SolrCloud cluster As discussed above, we’re going to launch a new SolrCloud cluster on two m3.xlarge instances and run two Solr

Getting Started with Lucene Setup

several constructors for instantiation and two options for adding Documents to the index. The IndexWriter can create or append to a Directory, but there can only ever be one IndexWriter…


acts_as_solr with rich document indexing

add Solr to the lifecycle of the Resume model, such that when a Resume is added or updated in the database it also gets indexed into Solr, and deleted from…

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Interview with Ian Holsman of Relegence (AOL)

Solr, which was Search on Lucene and Resin, which was our application server at the time.So we were using those two alternatives, and you can actually see the roots where…

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Implementing the Ecommerce Checklist with Solr and LucidWorks

For the demo, I implemented auto-suggest using SOLR-1316, which should be committed to trunk soon.  Note, also, there are other ways of doing auto-suggest, too, including using the TermsComponent and…

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Using Solr's REST APIs to manage stop words and synonyms

be fully utilized.You should be aware that changing things like stop words and synonym mappings typically require re-indexing existing documents if being used by index-time analyzers. The RestManager framework does…

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Content Extraction with Tika

example, I will Download and install Solr, configure the Extracting Request Handler and send PDF document to Solr to be indexed. Procedure 1. Run the example Download and extract nightly version (or…


Scaling Solr Indexing with SolrCloud, Hadoop and Behemoth

have Solr built, so let’s start up two instances that can talk to each other via SolrCloud and will do things like automatically fail over, etc.   We’ll setup a…

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Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks

replica is a leader, streamed synchronously to all available replicas of the same shard. A commit command flushes the lucene indexes to disk and makes new documents visible to searchers….