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Log analysis superpowers with a friendly interface.

SiLK is a feature-rich UI that runs on top of Solr giving you the power to search, analyze and visualize massive amounts of both multi-structured and time series data.

Visualize: SiLK provides a feature-rich UI that enables users to search, inspect and visualize their event data. Users can create, personalize and share dashboards and reports, gaining quick insight into application health, availability and security.

Collect: Event and transaction data come in a variety of forms. In addition to time series logs, SiLK supports the analysis and inspection of non-temporal data including documents, e-mails, database tables and more.

Enrich: Fields and tags, which can be extracted automatically so searches that result in a mixed bag of events and transactions can be transformed into simple rows and columns for easy ad-hoc manipulation.

Scale: SiLK runs on top of Solr – one of the most scalable and reliable search engines in the world.

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