Lucidworks Managed Search hosts Apache Solr on any public or private cloud. Then we manage it for you.



Managing an Apache Solr Cluster Isn’t Easy

You know how powerful and reliable Solr is. You also know how much time, money, and people it takes just to keep it up and running. What if you could free up those resources for application development and other value-adding activities?  Here are six reasons why to let Lucidworks manage it for you.



We Do Your DevOps Heavy Lifting

With Lucidworks Managed Search, developers can build cloud-native search applications, automatically scale workloads, apply role-based access controls, monitor events, and integrate with multiple source systems.


Lower Your Costs

Running and staffing your own on-prem Solr cluster can be expensive and time consuming, even during periods of low demand. With Lucidworks Managed Search you use only the hardware you need, when you need it.

Reduce Risk And Downtime

Reduce Risk and Downtime

Maintaining high availability and reliability isn’t always simple. Lucidworks Managed Search was built by the people who built Solr, to deliver search to the world’s most complex enterprises and protect them from downtime and lost revenue.


Empower Developers

Take the operational burden off your team so it can focus on developing and optimizing apps for your business. Developers love Lucidworks Managed Search Solr API compatibility, SolrJ client library support, and SQL support. And you don’t need to rewrite existing Solr apps.


Dynamically Scale Operations

Apache Solr should run like every other service you depend on. You shouldn’t have to worry about hardware procurement, prolonged upgrade cycles, or backing up and restoring resources in the event of an outage. We handle all that in the cloud, so you can expand Solr operations to meet the needs of your organization.


Secure Access

Native Apache Solr doesn’t have many of the enterprise security features that most organizations require. Lucidworks Managed Solr gives you authentication, encryption, identity management, auditing and role-based access controls from day one.

No One Knows Apache Solr Like We Do

At Lucidworks, we know Solr. Many of the original architects of Apache Solr are part of our team. We also know what it takes to run the largest enterprise and government Solr deployments, because we have already supported more than 2,000 Apache Solr clusters all over the world.


Learn More Today

Lucidworks Managed Search is now available on a limited basis. Tell us about your Solr project and a member of our team will be in touch.

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