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Our Partner Network

Our partners are critical to our success and to the success of our customers.

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An entire ecosystem

We’re passionate about helping our customers deliver the best experiences in the moment. Often that includes collaborating with our global network of partners. We match customers with the right partner at the right time to minimize project risk and maximize value for everyone involved.

Infrastructure Partners

Our search solutions offer precision and scale. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to serve the needs of all of our customers, regardless of industry or size. Still, some customers prefer to run our solutions on other infrastructure providers. Learn more today about GCP or how your solutions can be hosted in your own environment, both in the cloud or on-prem. Keep reading.

System Integrators and Implementation Partners

System Integrators and Implementation partners are a critical part of the search equation, helping customers develop company-wide search initiatives, implementation plans, and global deployments.

Each System Integrator has an active search practice with Lucidworks along with regular enablement sessions for the assured success of our customers and our partners before, during and after projects. Our roster of Implementation Partners brings search, industry and application specific knowledge and experience to serve a wide range of customers to continuously improve the quality and sophistication of  their search applications.

Technology Partners

With our various Technology Partners we align our passion for search with the capabilities and vendors our shared customers rely upon to deliver value. Our focus is to align our search capabilities to get the right fit for our customers and our technologies.

We are especially focused on leaders in:

  • Headless and composable commerce and product discovery
  • AI, machine learning, and deep learning
  • Data management, search, and analytics solutions
  • Marketplaces with integrated solutions

OEM Partners

Not all applications ship with the best search functionality. Technology vendors looking to improve the value of their offerings can include or embed Lucidworks technologies to make their applications more complete. We embrace these OEM relationships and strive to make vendor-supported applications seamless for customers and users.

Value Added Resellers

Procurement can be complex and it can delay getting projects started, created, and launched. That’s why we work with a broad network of VARs to speed up this process and increase time-to-value more than ever. We are always looking for VAR partners to better serve our customers. Inquire today to set up new channels with us.

A few of Lucidworks most trusted Partners:

Let’s build something together

Interested in becoming a Lucidworks partner? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.