Solr Power Your Search App

Make Solr Your Go-To Search Tool

Solr, an open source search engine, has become one of the world’s most popular tools due in part to its constant evolution from thousands of different developers. Originally designed to add functional search to CNET, Solr has since exploded into a versatile, easily deployed search tool. With a focus on design, deployment and scalability, Solr enables developers to create the seamless experiences expected by their users.

We really know Solr.

Lucidworks knows Solr inside and out. Whether it’s design or deployment, we can help your team leapfrog over common roadblocks for your next search app. Lucidworks Fusion can also help by attuning Solr to your projects’ particular needs.

Let Lucidworks and Fusion make your next project worry-free.

Lucidworks Fusion is essential to our search strategy. The platform provides the enterprise capabilities we need to quickly build and deploy apps, while still taking full advantage of the power of Solr. - Sacha Clark | CEO and Founder Mulsanne Management LTD