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Lucidworks provides expert consulting for Lucene and Solr technologies focused on architecture and design reviews, training, enablement, performance optimization, and other best practices. The Lucidworks consulting team consists of senior search specialists with unparalleled Solr expertise.

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All of the benefits of open source combined with the support and response times you’d expect from traditional enterprise software. Our pricing scales as your needs grow so you only pay for what you need.

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Our quarterly assessments provide your organization with in-depth insights and prioritized recommendations to better utilize Solr to its full potential.

Andrew Hecox

Manager, Software Engineering

How Red Hat Cut Costs and Improved Relevancy with Lucidworks Fusion

"Since we’ve migrated to Solr, we’ve seen great improvement in search relevance. GSA Advantage now provides over 44 million products and services online from over 20 thousand vendors. Our users expect the accuracy of Google and the ease-of-use of Amazon. Solr has drastically reduced the time it takes for customers to find what their looking for. We’ve seen very positive results within just the first few months of our implementation. Lucidworks gave us great support and expertise needed to migrate our systems from IDOL to Solr in under 90 days, inside a pretty complex infrastructure."

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