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Fusion + Tech/Telco

Give sales, marketing, and support staff comprehensive customer profiles across all channels.

  • at&t
  • Verizon
  • cisco
  • Red Hat
  • hortonworks
  • sony
  • siemens

A Fortune 50 telecom sells products and services online, at branded retail locations, and at partner locations, so it’s difficult to track customers between these different sales and support channels. With Fusion, the team created an app that indexes numerous data sources, customer records, and activity logs, collating them into a full 360 portrait of each customer. Sales associates and customer services reps always have an up-to-date profile of every customer to provide the best service – and increase revenue per customer.


Search Across Silos and Systems

Customer data comes from many sources including databases, proprietary systems, vendors, applications and services. Fusion can connect to data behind any source, matching customer records with device usage and purchase history. Our connector framework is easily extensible to create adapters for custom endpoints for proprietary systems or other protocols.


One Query for Everything

If users have to know advanced SQL queries or other technical language, you’re putting a barrier between your users and the information they want. Fusion supports a number of the most popular online services and cloud platforms today. Our connector framework is easily extensible to create adapters for custom endpoints so your users can query all your collections and indexes from one view.


Superior Real-Time Data Integrity

When data is coming from so many sources, it might not always be up-to-date – especially when pulling from online services or activity logs. Fusion provides real-time access to your applications including transaction logs handling billions of records per day so when a user runs a query, the results include everything up to right now.

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