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Search-Driven Research Portal

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The world’s top pharmaceutical companies came to Accenture with a challenge: How to digitally enable their R&D function. Accenture used Lucidworks Fusion to create a unified search for the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud which reduced the time and cost to take drugs from development to market. Fusion indexes and ingests all of an organization’s documents and data producing end-to-end clinical data management for all stages of the drug research pipeline.


A Single Point of Access

Your data is distributed across a variety of systems, services, and business units – each with their own quirks and caveats. Legacy solutions can’t reach all of your organization’s relevant data. Fusion’s connector framework provides real-time access to over 40 filesystems, applications, and cloud services. Our Smart Access API lets you query across all of your data sources using natural language search, key/value search, and statistical operations.


Secure and Personalized Access

Every user is unique and showing them documents they don’t want to see, don’t need to see, or don’t have access to isn’t a good experience. Fusion ships with a robust security framework to make sure that only the right users see the right data, with fine-grained security from collection to document. Fusion’s Smart Access API boosts and blocks results based on personal preferences, office location and other parameters so every user’s experience is continuously improved and fine-tuned to find the information they need faster than ever.


Increased Findability, Even Across Huge Data Sets

Bad metadata can make large data sets unwieldy and pretty much useless. Fusion’s faceted search, named entity recognition, and index pipelines provide data enrichment, producing enhanced findability.

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