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Faceted Search Software

Connected experiences for the world’s biggest organizations

How Faceted Search Works

Facets are the checkboxes, dropdown menus, fields and other UI elements often presented with a set of search results so the user can further sharpen and refine their query.

Faceted Results

So a set of search results for “mens shirts” will show checkboxes for brands, dropdown for average customer review, and fields for ideal price range. Or a set of search results for “electric engine schematics” will show checkboxes for file formats, a dropdown for product line, and dropdown menus for document type, author, language, or date range.

Those menus and checkboxes that users are using to refine their search are facets.

Product Discovery Solutions

Product Discovery

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Customer Service

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Knowledge Management

Enterprise search and findability for deeper insights and more productive employees. Learn more…

Enterprise Search: Know Before You Buy

Faceting is just one of over a dozen features every search application requires to succeed in the digital workplace. Read our shopping list of what’s required to deploy a consumer-grade experience with enterprise-grade results.

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Automated Faceting with Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion, our development platform, for building AI-powered search applications, ships with faceting ready to deploy immediately.

As Fusion receives a query from a user and assembles a set of results it looks at common fields across the results and generates facets for them automatically. So a product catalog search for “women polo shirts” will include facets for all the colors of shirts and the sizes available and even price range of the different items. Powerful caching technology makes the addition of facet fast and instant to a search query result returned.

Making Sin City Search Speedy

Learn how the team at Vegas.com increased conversions 33% and engagement by 63% with Lucidworks Fusion with faceted search on mobile.


Elements of AI-Powered Search

Augmented Intelligence

There’s nothing artificial about intelligence. Augmented intelligence is when AI extends human judgment instead of replacing it.

Machine Learning

Learn how machine learning and search engines are a incredible combination for creating powerful experiences for customers and employees.

Clustering & Classification

How clustering and classification algorithms can improve the search experience for your employees and customers.

Query Analysis

Underperforming queries aggravate everyone. Head/tail analysis stops it.

Signal Capture & User Behavior

Users are constantly telling you what they like and what they don’t. Are you listening?


Some users know exactly what they’re looking for – almost. With every query, facets give every user a more precise set of results.


The best search applications index all of a company’s data so users have one unified search experience.


Personalization is about addressing people by name. Hyper-personalization is figuring out what they really want.

Natural Language Search

What if we could talk to computers in the same way we talk to people. Natural language search gets you there.

Build AI-Powered Apps With Fusion

Ready to create amazing search and data discovery apps? Contact us today to learn how Fusion can help you and our team put the power of AI, machine learning, and deep learning to work to  dazzle your customers and empower your employees.

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