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Partners First

Join our global network of technology and services companies dedicated to bringing the power of Lucidworks Fusion to companies all over the world.

Our partners are critical to our success and to the success of our customers. The Lucidworks Partner Program is designed to drive sales opportunities, increase partner profitability, and deliver high customer satisfaction.

A few of our most trusted Lucidworks Partners:

Feature-Rich Search Engine Replacement

“After a lengthy discovery process, we landed with Lucidworks. Looking at some of the features around natural language processing, machine
learning, and AI, we felt that this would be a great fit to help our customers manage the content that they had within their digital workplace.”

Igloo Software

Interested in becoming a Lucidworks reseller or partner?

Send us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Program Levels

At Lucidworks, we acknowledge all types of partners. Whether you’re interested in becoming a reseller, or being part of our consulting fulfillment for Solr and our core Fusion products, there’s a place for you. We are also active in building out strategic alliances, integrator, and OEM relationships as more and more organizations realize the true value of our capabilities.

Lw Authorized Partner

Authorized Partner

An Authorized Partnership is ideal for new or casual Lucidworks partners. These partners have the lowest worldwide revenue requirement and are authorized to resell our products and services.

Lw Gold Partner

Gold Partner

A Gold Partnership is designed for partners that have a number of disciplines and regularly identify opportunities for Lucidworks products, solutions, and services. We work regionally with our Gold Partners to assist with marketing, sales, and implementation efforts. Gold Partners are eligible for MDF (market development funds), deal registration, qualified sales leads, and training programs resulting in Lucidworks technical accreditation.

Lw Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner

A Platinum Partnership is available to VARs who have already demonstrated their commitment to Lucidworks as a Gold Partner and are ready to take their partnership to a new level of profitability. Platinum Partners have the highest worldwide revenue requirement. Platinum Partners receive the same benefits as a Gold Partnership but with more generous margins and sales, a higher degree of marketing and technical assistance, and joint business planning.

Other Partner Options Available

Lw Oem Partner

OEM and SaaS Partners

In addition to a tiered reseller model, Lucidworks offers OEM partners the ability to create their own solutions with embedded Lucidworks Fusion technology, or build applications and connectors from both the Fusion SDK and App Studio platforms. We welcome partners that wish to run our technology on a broader SaaS basis and/or on a managed service cloud platform. In all cases, selected OEM/SaaS partners gain the program benefits associated with a platinum partner.

Lw Certified Partner

Consulting Partners

Consulting partners are invaluable contributors to the success of Lucidworks customers. Certified to design and deploy solutions that support customer facing business processes and requirements using the Lucidworks Fusion platform and applications, consulting partenrs as well as designing solutions using relevant partner community driven connectors and applications.

Lw Certified Training Partner

Training Partners

We deliver standard and custom training direct to customers and also through our partners. Our Certified Training Partners provide expert instructors in classroom settings that emphasize the real-world, practical application of Lucidworks solutions. Our global network of training partners offer a variety of Fusion courses to empower customers to seamlessly implement Lucidworks solutions for faster time to value and greater return on investment.

Lw Certified Engineer

Partner Engineers

Pre-Sales engineers are the Jack-of-all-trades in the sales world. Partner engineers are certified to technically manage relationships with customers, deliver demonstrations, proof of concepts and work with consultants to design technical Lucidworks Fusion solutions that accurately address customer needs.

Partner Training and Certifications

Sales, Technical, and Professional Service Training and Certification is available for all levels in our Partner Program, but most importantly for Gold and Platinum partners accelerating the growth of their businesses with Lucidworks solutions.

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 is for Sales and enables partners to quickly learn how to correctly identify and position Lucidworks solutions in any situation via an online elearning course. Lucidworks Level 1 satisfies Gold and Platinum partner requirements for sales certification.

Level 2

Level 2

Level 2 is for Sales Engineers and provides a deeper, more technical look at the Lucidworks solution suite delivered in an online, self-paced “labs”-style course. This course satisfies Gold and Platinum partner requirements for technical certification.

Level 3

Level 3

Level 3 is an in-depth, onsite bootcamp for our Platinum partners, OEMs, service providers, and MSP (Managed Service Providers). This course Level 3 is an in-depth, onsite bootcamp for our Platinum partners, OEMs, service providers, and MSP.

The Lucidworks Partner Network has participation from over 120 focused system integrator, alliance, consulting, training and commercial relationships. Whether you’re interested in becoming a reseller, building your own solution using Lucidworks Fusion or working collaboratively to streamline implementations for our joint customers, there’s a place for you.

As part of our partner program, our partners gain expert level skills in delivering the next generation of digital solutions for eCommerce and the Workplace with focus on search, analytics, machine learning and AI. Join our global partner network today and start delivering the power of Lucidworks Fusion to companies all over the world.

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