Lucidworks Connected Experience Awards

Honoring innovative leaders who empower their customers and co-workers with connected experiences using Lucidworks technology.

Applications for the 2022 awards will open soon!

The Connected Experience Awards application criteria are simple: applicants must be a Lucidworks customer who’ll share the story of how they deliver connected experiences with fellow practitioners via a talk or video.

About the Connected Experience Awards

The Connected Experience Awards recognize leaders who leverage Lucidworks to create connected experiences for their customers and co-workers.

At Lucidworks, we believe in honoring innovators who solve modern enterprise challenges stemming from the proliferation of data and interaction channels. These innovators connect users with information across channels and data silos to uncover insights, augment our human intelligence, and help inform the next best action.

2020 Winners

2020 Personalized Commerce Connected Experience

Juan Paul Ramirez

Goop was founded by Gwyneth Paltrow as a lifestyle brand that offers high quality content and curated wellness products. Juan Paul Ramirez, goop CTO, leads his team in using Lucidworks Fusion to streamline merchandising control over their unique search engine.

Goop has a wide range of content including products, articles, podcasts, recipes and videos. The range and depth of their content, built up by Paltrow over decades, adds a layer of complexity to search. goop leverages Fusion’s AI and machine learning capabilities to analyze on-site signals and map relationships between content to provide personalized recommendations to customers.

Goop has become a leader in the commerce and wellness space by creating a personalized, contextual experience for their consumers. With Lucidworks Fusion, goop reduced their time to resolve search issues from weeks to minutes. Using signals from customers, including purchases, browsing behavior, queries, and preferences, goop is able to quickly fine-tune search to provide relevant search results and recommendations without having to wait for help from IT. They’ve also achieved dramatic improvements in exit rates, product engagement, and conversion from product pages.

2020 Knowledge Management Connected Experience

Abdul Shaik
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron is a leading biotechnology company that creates pharmaceutical products for people with serious illnesses, such as cancer and infectious diseases.

Abdul Shaik, Head of Data Platform Engineering, uses Fusion to power search on Regeneron’s internal research & clinical development application and make it easy for employees to access publicly available COVID-19 data sets, research, and events. Shaik’s team uses AI and machine learning to implement self-learning capabilities within their app by leveraging signals to understand user intent and business context.

In addition to leveraging signals, Regeneron is able to expedite their data discovery for publicly available data sources with Fusion’s pipeline framework that accelerates the data ingestion and index process of over 60,000 COVID-19 related research documents and journals. Fusion automates the data acquisition and indexing steps and applies machine learning at the moment of data ingest to add deeper understanding and context to every data set. With Fusion, Regeneron is able to empower their scientists with the data they need, when they need it, by eliminating data silos and personalizing their knowledge discovery experiences.

2019 Winners

Connector Awards 2019 2

2019 Workplace Connected Experience

Viren Patel

Viren Patel was awarded the 2019 Workplace Connector award for leading his team in providing access to data in various enterprise content sources — including email, cloud storage files, and data lake content — to empower employee and client experiences. Fusion is applied to PwC’s firm-wide enterprise search application to connect 55,000 knowledge workers to the right people, companies, and key documents to help them deliver valuable projects for their clients.

Patel’s team leverages Fusion’s advanced natural language processing and deep learning capabilities to improve the precision and accuracy of search results. With Fusion, PwC’s global workforce has access to a 360-degree view of their customers — uncovering relationships and connections of past work to current projects. Fusion delivers personalized client experiences and increases productivity of consultants and advisors.

Connector Awards 2019 1

2019 Commerce Connected Experience

Pankaj Andhale
Nordstrom Rack | Hautelook

Pankaj Andhale was awarded the 2019 Commerce Connector award for leading transformational accomplishments in personalization and customer experience. Andhale and his team use Fusion to power search on their eCommerce websites ( and and integrate data science models to drive personalization.

Andale’s team uses Fusion’s capabilities – such as synonym detection, signals, and analytics – in leveraging customer behavior to deliver relevant results and recommendations. Andhale’s team also uses Fusion to accelerate the velocity of data science. Fusion’s integration with popular machine learning tools allows data scientists to import custom models and experiment in a production environment without wasting time porting and refreshing data.
With Fusion, Andhale and his team can innovate faster. They were successful in almost doubling site search conversion rates within a year of implementing Fusion and plan to increase those numbers further as relevance and personalization continue to evolve.