Lucidworks Beats Elasticsearch for Enterprise Search and Workplace Search

Lucidworks’ Fusion platform offers a stunning improvement for enterprise search vs. Elasticsearch. Fusion offers quicker pathways to implementation and less work to maintain programs. Fusion is built on open-source technology, providing a transparent and composable approach for better ROI.

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Lucidworks vs. Elasticsearch

Lucidworks Fusion

Ready-to-go Modules

Enterprise search programs start with best-practice modules from Fusion to help teams get up and running quickly. Learn More

ML and AI in Fusion

Fusion has advanced search capabilities using AI and ML ready-to-go. Learn More

Flexible at Every Stage

Transform and modify query and index pipelines, even self-hosted and DIY search Learn More

Simple Updates

Built on open-source technology Apache Lucene, the Fusion platform offers multiple deployment options and support, making owning and operating easy. Learn More

High ROI

391% ROI according to Forrester Research Total Economic Impact (TEI) report 2023. Learn More


Build from Scratch

Framework only: Elasticsearch is a framework that requires teams to build from the ground up.

Lack of Integrated AI

Search-based generative AI solutions lack substantive commercial adoption compared to Lucidworks.

Beware of Potential Limitations

Agility to make changes to query and index pipelines could limit program success.

Burdensome Maintenance Required

Users face the complexities of managing their search and maintenance updates over time in tandem with maintenance costs.

Investment Clarity Limits

Management of development teams and technology could stifle overall ROI.

“Lucidworks’ strong platform appeals to business users and application developers…Lucidworks’ superior strategy is to offer enterprises a high-quality and customized search platform that can be leveraged both by developers and business users to deliver complex search applications.”

—Forrester, 2023

Lucidworks Delivers Superior ROI at Scale

  • 6-month payback + 391% ROI lift
  • $1.8 million in savings from developer reallocation
  • Personnel time saved on search totaling $8.9 million

Global B2B Commerce Success

  • 24% improvement in facets
  • $9.5M annualized lift projection
  • +5.28% sales conversion
  • +3.60% average order value
  • 2.35% revenue per visitor

“Lucidworks has revolutionized the way we approach search and discovery”

—David Lee, VP of Technology

Lucidworks is superior to Elasticsearch for enterprise search in multiple use case applications, including:

Lucidworks makes workplace, knowledge management, and services search easy with these proven solutions:


Fusion Advantages

Own Your Data While Using Generative AI Securely

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