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Knowledge Management Industries

Lucidworks is deployed across all industries and optimized to serve the employees for every market vertical.


Connected experiences for the Global 2000

Knowledge Management Industries

Financial Services

We help bring measurable efficiencies to the complexities and costs associated with online customer relationship management for financial services, including product support, self-service and sales. Fraud detection and wealth management can all be optimized with Lucidworks.


Knowledge management assumes a different form in the government sector than in the private sector. It can enhance government agency operations by raising employee productivity. Federal, state and local government agencies alike have focused on the need for increased information sharing and access within agencies and among agencies. Lucidworks can provide an infrastructure and process for capturing, managing and accessing information efficiently and most importantly – securely.

Enterprise Technology

Innovation and flexibility are key when deploying knowledge management in high tech. Lucidworks can help scale and connect data across complex organizations that demand to practice what they preach.

Health and Pharma

We support biotechnology, health professionals and pharmaceutical organizations to better use search applications in research and development. We cover knowledge management, data management and integration in a HIPAA-compliant environment.


Supply chain and inspection knowledge that can be shared broadly and safety across an organization is essential in manufacturing. Tribal knowledge must be retained to ensure proprietary systems and organizational education stay intact. Lucidworks can help streamline and maintain these complex systems for increased efficiency.


Insurance organizations need to know that their technology vendors can help them minimize risk and keep pricing structures and policies intact. Lucidworks ensures that this highly regulated and customer-focused industry can connect their insights across departments no matter the complexity of the data.


Lucidworks helps telecom companies increase profitability with self-service systems that scale data across the organization. Customer experience must be connected to the employee experience through automated workflow applications for a seamless knowledge management deployment. Efficiency and scalability allow these companies to cut straight to the bottom line.

Higher Education

Academia treats knowledge management as a focused discipline in its own right. Not only must universities and research organizations be able to access information across subject matter experts, the systems must also allow access to one another so education can be scaled to meet the unique demands of the educators themselves.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry, like others that rely on an effective knowledge management experience, have specific challenges and regulations to overcome. Unique supply chains, the need for multilingual employee information and complex data to process makes this industry one of the behemoths whose needs we aim to meet.

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