Lucidworks Fusion, Fusion 1.3 STS is now available for download.


New Connectors

For this release, our team concentrated on getting data into Fusion and processing it nicely. This means a few new connectors to new sources of data:

  • Any object, including Accounts, Cases and Case Notes, Activities and Activity History, Opportunities, Leads, and Contacts
  • Drupal: Site and site content
  • GitHub: repositories and commits

With these, we’ve made it a lot easier to build new search-based applications. For example, if you index data, you could apply our text analytics to Cases to help you understand what types of problems you’re working on the most and where you could be more effective.

New Processing Stages

We’re also expanding the list of processing stages we include to help you analyze and index content as it comes in:

  • Natural language processing stages, including:
    • Sentence detection and splitting
    • Part-of-speech tagging
  • Structured document parsing stages, including:
    • CSV
    • JSON
      Change to the Tika stage for CSV and JSON parsing

NLP stages can be invaluable in analyzing human-generated text, per the concept of indexing and analyzing your support cases.

Easier Event Processing and Signals Extraction

We’re also making it easier to work with our Event processing and Signals extraction features. These use the activity of the users in your application as feedback and context to improve search result quality. By taking into account real-world behavior of users, Fusion can give back much better and much more relevant results on future searches. Extensions to Signals Fusion 1.3 include:

  • Pre-built Index-time and query-time stages for aggregating Events and Signals
  • A query stage for applying processed and aggregated Signals to improve results

You’ll be seeing quite a bit more of Signals surfaced, as well as new processing and analytics capabilities.

New Release Model

With the release of Lucidworks Fusion 1.3 STS, we are moving to a support model consisting of two types of releases. Both types of releases go through our full QA/testing process and are available to any Fusion customer.

  • Short-Term Support (STS) releases are for teams willing to update more frequently to receive the newest features as they become available. STS releases receive support and maintenance updates until the next release is available. Fusion 1.3 is an STS release.
  • Long-Term Support (LTS) releases are intended for teams that need more time to plan updates across their infrastructure and don’t need immediate access to new features as they become available. LTS releases receive support and critical maintenance updates for at least 18 months after the release date. Our previous release, Fusion 1.2, is an LTS release.

This type of release strategy is similar to other platforms and apps like Mozilla Firefox, the Linux kernel, or Ubuntu OS. If you have any questions about this new support policy, please contact support.

In addition to the above, we’ve continued applying design tweaks, incremental improvements, and usability enhancement to pipeline stages. And as usual, there’s work under the hood to improve performance, security, and manageability, as well as foundational work for features to come. For now, check it out!

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Full release notes for Fusion 1.3.

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