Introduces New Branding, Streamlined Product Structure and Plans for a New Apache Lucene/Solr Search Community,

Redwood City, Calif. – August 9, 2012 – Lucid Imagination, the trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, today announced its new company name, LucidWorks™. The move establishes a clear association with the company’s widely used LucidWorks product line and solidifies its commitment to making the company easy to do business with. LucidWorks also announced a new product family, called LucidWorks Product Suite, which provides customers with choice of flexible search application development and deployment options that will meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and types.

Further, reaffirming its commitment to the Apache Lucene/Solr community, the company announced plans to decouple its open source developer content from its business IT content and offer, a new online community website tailored for open source search developers. When launched, the new community site will create a forum where open source search developers can collaborate and learn, while the existing, refreshed LucidWorks website will provide clear, easy-to-navigate content relevant to business management and IT application developers.

“We work with some of the world’s most innovative developers to provide the only search, discovery and analytics solutions that balance four critical elements: volume, variety, velocity and cost,” said Paul Doscher, CEO of LucidWorks. “LucidWorks enables companies to build killer business-critical search applications that will access Big Data and enterprise content quickly and securely, while scaling to billions of data sets – without spending millions of dollars. The changes to our company name and product structure, along with the upcoming launch of, enables us to address the unique needs of our open source and business communities.”

Streamlined Product Structure

In conjunction with its name change, LucidWorks is also streamlining its product offerings, starting with a new product family name, LucidWorks Product Suite. LucidWorks Product Suite consists of two development platforms; LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data. Together, the development platforms uncover real-time insights from any data source, no matter where it is located – inside or outside of the organization. Both platforms easily handle structured data (such as databases), unstructured data (such as documents, emails or social channels) or semi-structured data (such as websites). The company’s rich portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions is based on the same proven Apache Lucene/Solr open source technology that powers many of the world’s largest e-commerce sites:

  • LucidWorks Search is the company’s flagship enterprise search platform that accelerates and simplifies development of highly accurate, scalable and cost-effective search applications. It delivers full open source Apache Lucene/Solr community innovation in a convenient, commercial-grade package, with support from the world’s leading experts in open source search.
  • LucidWorks Big Data is a certified and tightly integrated open source ecosystem built on top of the LucidWorks Search platform, delivering the industry’s first robust development platform for building Big Data applications. LucidWorks Big Data combines the power of multiple Apache open source projects including Hadoop, Zookeeper, Mahout, HBase and Lucene/Solr into a single development platform accessible through a ReST API. LucidWorks Big Data provides search, discovery and analytics in a single out-of-the-box solution.


Both LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data equip technologists and business users with the ability to initially pilot search and Big Data projects in a cloud sandbox or on premise. A cloud project can remain in the cloud, be moved on premise or be executed within a hybrid configuration. This means businesses can avoid the staggering overhead costs and long lead times associated with infrastructure and application development lifecycles prior to placing their solutions into production.

New Website and User Communities

As a longstanding advocate for, and commercial supporter of, Apache Lucene/Solr, LucidWorks is committed to the advancement of Lucene/Solr open source.

The company will soon offer two separate and distinct sites to provide targeted and relevant information to two sets of constituents: business IT professionals who value open source as part of a product offering, and open source developers. Thousands of people who are passionate about Lucene/Solr will be able to connect with others who have similar interests and information needs.

The new developer website,, will launch in the September timeframe and offer:

  • Committer’s blog
  • Video Tutorials
  • Podcasts
  • Community forum
  • Latest information about Apache Lucene/Solr
  • Event schedule (such as hackathons and meetups)

Until the SearchHub site becomes available on the Web, LucidWorks will offer the existing DevZone Lucene/Solr community portal on the homepage. To be notified when the open source community goes go live and become a community founder, sign up at SearchHub.