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SAN MATEO, Calif. – April 6, 2011 – LucidWorks, the commercial company for Apache Solr/Lucene open source search, today announced the general availability of LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7, the latest release of its enterprise search platform built on Apache Solr/Lucene open source technology. LucidWorks Enterprise is the only search platform that delivers the power of the very latest version of Solr/Lucene 4.x coupled with features and 24/7 support only LucidWorks can provide, delivering affordable, flexible search, stable enough to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale enterprise environments.

LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 is available immediately at no charge for download and unlimited development and test use. Production deployment requires an active LucidWorks Enterprise Subscription. Subscriptions include production deployment support, business hours or 24/7 SLA-based incident management support and ExpertLink on-demand consulting. The upgrade is free for current customers.

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Corporate data volumes are exploding. New data forms and formats continue to burden corporate file stores, but the crippling cost structure of proprietary search providers prevents enterprises from scaling their applications to meet the competitive demands of the business. Apache Solr/Lucene has broken the expensive and rigid old search paradigm, and has made building and fine-tuning search applications faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever before. The latest release of LucidWorks Enterprise includes all the cutting edge features of Solr/Lucene, plus Microsoft Sharepoint integration, enterprise-grade data acquisition management, and enhanced security and user management.

Feature Summary

Lucene/Solr 4.x – LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 includes a complete and accessible release of Apache Solr/Lucene with the latest features from the 4.x branch of Apache Solr—completely verified, tested, integrated, packaged and supported 24/7 by LucidWorks. This eliminates the need to navigate the patch-and-release dynamics of open source development.

Microsoft SharePoint Connector – LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 includes the first connector for Microsoft SharePoint CMS Search fully integrated with Solr, making it easy to crawl and index the content of a SharePoint server from the LucidWorks Enterprise console. LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 also makes it easy to integrate SharePoint document and user level security sessions.

Enhanced Data Acquisition Management – LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 makes it easy to orchestrate the acquisition and timing of index updates to fit unique data sources and repositories. Streamlined tools for iterative crawling and data acquisition provide running metrics and make it easy to throttle crawls from the administrative console.

Improved Security Integration – LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7 improves the integration of security into search application development, with streamlined control over user privileges, groups, and LDAP integration.

Quotes and Multimedia

“The reign of costly proprietary search vendors is coming to an end. The initial release of LucidWorks Enterprise was downloaded by nearly 1,000 companies in the first few months, and this combination of an open source base, unprecedented flexibility in the underlying architecture, and enterprise-ready features from Lucid Imagination helps companies with huge appetites for data slash their cost of development and speed innovation, while delivering the best possible user experience.” – Eric Gries, CEO of LucidWorks


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About LucidWorks Enterprise

Offering all the economic and flexibility benefits of open source, LucidWorks Enterprise provides the exact information users need with sub-second response times on huge data stores, driving a company’s revenue growth and improving its competitive advantage. Built on the power of Apache Solr/Lucene, LucidWorks Enterprise scales economically, simplifies deployment for accelerated productivity, and brings enterprise grade predictability to a wider range of users. LucidWorks Enterprise is easier to integrate into a company’s IT infrastructure and makes search application development accessible to developers with a broader range of skillsets.

About LucidWorks

LucidWorks is the commercial company exclusively dedicated to Apache Solr/Lucene open source enterprise search technology. It provides search solution development platforms built on the power of Solr/Lucene open source search via enterprise-grade subscriptions. The company’s latest offering, LucidWorks Enterprise, makes the power of Solr/Lucene open source search more accessible to the broad range of application developers and slashes the learning curve for search solution development. Unlike “black box” products, LucidWorks Enterprise allows organizations of all sizes and types to continuously tune their search to fit the ongoing needs of their users and achieve a consistently lower cost of growth. LucidWorks also offers free software for developers, documentation, commercial-grade support, high-level consulting, and comprehensive training. Customers include AT&T, Sears, Ford, Verizon, Cisco, Zappos, Raytheon, The Guardian, The Smithsonian Institution,, The Motley Fool, Qualcomm, Taser, eHarmony, and many other household names around the world. Lucid Works is a privately held venture-funded company. The investors include Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, Walden International, and In-Q-Tel. Learn more about the company at

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