Remove friction and deliver a buyer-specific purchasing experience

B2B companies often struggle to solve data problems and purchasing experiences elegantly. Additionally, with lackluster search and discovery functionality that’s built into the ecommerce platform, it’s challenging to tailor search to the buyer’s expectations as well as predict and provide them with what they need, when they need it.

Time is money for you and your customers. It’s imperative to getting buyers to the right products and content quickly, without manual curation. With increasing numbers of online buyers expecting enhanced ecommerce functionality and ease of use, they are no longer nice-to-haves but table stakes for B2B success.

AI-driven B2B ecommerce solutions can enable a deeper understanding of buyers intent and thus improve the purchasing experience. Using the latest advances in information science such as knowledge graphs, vector search, and machine learning, the buyer’s intent can be predicted virtually instantly, dramatically reducing their paths to purchase while gaining deep insights. This is not only applicable to commerce related selling, but all motions you have around your customers, such as acquisition (SEO), servicing, and retention.

Like many Lucidworks customers, including CDW, Lenovo, and New Pig, your organization can leverage the latest in B2B ecommerce technology to create or refine your competitive advantage. Lucidworks’ B2B ecommerce solutions support:

  • Custom catalogs and assortments
  • Complex pricing and inventory models
  • Sophisticated contractual rules
  • Entitlements and restrictions
  • Organizational hierarchies
  • NLP and semantic query parsing
  • Knowledge graphs to bring together your enterprise data to help predict buyer goals and accelerate purchasing

  • Internationalization with an advanced linguistic package, including support for over 30 languages

From search to browse to recommendations, Lucidworks’ B2B ecommerce solutions are designed to enrich data, simplify complex product catalogs, and provide high-performing websites with ease of use and powerful functionality. We support a wide range of B2B use cases: