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AI-Powered Personalized Search

How Does Fusion Hyper-Personalize?

Fusion can precisely personalize queries using signals from:

  • Signal-driven relevance based on user behavior and queries
  • Clustering and classification for a better search experience
  • Modern distributed architecture built on Apache Solr and Spark
  • Query rewriting algorithms like synonym detection, phrase detection, head tail detection, misspelling detection
  • Recommenders with collaborative filtering, matrix decomposition, item/item and user/item recommenders

Learn more about how Fusion uses data to hyper-personalize every customer experience.

Elements of AI-Powered Search

Augmented Intelligence

There’s nothing artificial about intelligence. Augmented intelligence is when AI extends human judgment instead of replacing it.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and search engines are a incredible combination for creating powerful experiences for customers and employees.

Clustering & Classification

How clustering and classification algorithms can improve the search experience for your employees and customers.

Query Analysis

Underperforming queries aggravate everyone. Head/tail analysis stops it.

Signal Capture & User Behavior

Users are constantly telling you what they like and what they don’t. Are you listening? Predict user intent by applying signals.


The best search applications index all of a company’s data so users have one unified search experience.


Personalization is about addressing people by name. Hyper-personalization is figuring out what they really want.

Natural Language Search

What if we could talk to computers in the same way we talk to people. Natural language search gets you there.