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Customer Service Features

Call Deflection

Customer self-service or call deflection – saves consumers time and saves businesses money. No one wants to get on the phone with a support agent if they can avoid it – they’d rather find the information themselves. Lucidworks helps companies improve customer service in two primary ways. We enable AI-powered chatbots and power customer service portals and knowledge bases so customers can quickly find what they need.


Traditional chatbots struggle with never-before-asked questions because they are heavily scripted or rely on keyword matches to retrieve answers. Lucidworks enables much more powerful chatbots and virtual assistants. Because of robust ML, users can ask questions in a natural way and get immediate, relevant and contextual answers.

Agent Effectiveness

Lucidworks can help customer support agents in a myriad of ways. The machine can recommend relevant content and experts that agents can utilize to do their jobs better. It’s a classic example of AI augmenting human intelligence so people are more productive and satisfied with their work. Agents don’t have to wade through information across systems in order to find content or people that can help resolve a case. They can stay in the system they know and get the information they need – fast.

Contact Center

A customer’s experience with your contact center is high stakes. You could win a customer for life, or be asking for a slew of bad reviews. Your contact center software should be able to deliver the most relevant internal documents to your agents to decrease time-to-resolution. Lucidworks can help you provide proactive recommendations of content or people that can help resolve a case. One of the best ways to make your support agents more efficient is to help customers help themselves.

Knowledgebase Search

Lucidworks has been recognized year after year as a leader in enterprise search, and helps companies transform their digital experience for employees. Knowledgebase search is evolving rapidly and has taken on a new moniker – Cognitive Search. It is not enough to simply return accurate results based on search boxes. Cognitive Search is AI-powered search. It proactively surfaces insights to users in their moment of need – not simply in response to a search.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is measured by diligently tracking insights and signals across the entire customer service journey. A successful customer experience means that every customer gets their needs met, their questions answered, and their cases resolved. Self-service FAQs, chatbots and contact centers are just some of the touch points of the customer experience that can be supported with Lucidworks technology. We believe in connecting every data point across the journey so there’s never any guesswork.

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