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Lucidworks is deployed across all industries and optimized to serve the support organizations for every market vertical.


Connected customer service for the world’s biggest brands

Industries and Verticals

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Health Services

Great customer service in health care is wildly different from every other sector – customers are patients and their queries and privacy are of the utmost importance. With Lucidworks, medical professionals can breathe easy knowing that our HIPAA-compliant products will allow them to support their patients and intuitively manage information requests with flexibility and security.

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Because Lucidworks are ecommerce experts, managing the needs of retail support agents comes with little guesswork. We understand that agents need to have a wide breadth of knowledge across innumerable products – and that sometimes customers want to find the information on their own. Our machine-learning powered platform connects the dots within the data for easy access to every question.

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Lucidworks helps telecom companies increase profitability with self-service systems that scale data across the organization. Customer experience must be connected to the employee experience through automated workflow applications for a seamless customer service deployment. Efficiency and scalability allow these companies to cut straight to the bottom line.

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Customer service organizations for transportation must be able to respond in record speed, across a number of different platforms like social media, web and call centers. Connecting the data across channels to keep customers happy and informed of changes- in real time- is what Lucidworks does best.

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Self-service is important when banks think of customer service but so is trust and security. The information support organizations are managing at banking institutions is sensitive and customers are often experiencing concerns that affect the most important aspects of their life. Lucidworks supports these service moments with secure deployments for quicker time to resolution.

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Lucidworks knows that organizations that support education treat their students as their customers. When students have inquiries or needs to be met, the responses need to be tailored in a way that makes sense for systems of higher learning. Organizing unstructured data and gaining access to deep self-service knowledge bases is key.

Enterprise Software and Technology

The customer service technology that software companies adopt must be just as innovative and flexible as the products they themselves create. Data integration and cloud-based deployments, which access to best-in-class applications, ensures that they never skip a beat with their customers.

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