Data Lake

Big Data has a user problem.

Big Data projects are plagued by low usage, low satisfaction, and low value. Lucidworks Fusion allows you quickly build search applications across your data lake, providing immediate value to users, and easy ROI for your Big Data investment.

Powerful Access Control

You put all your data in one place – but then you can’t grant access due to security concerns. Fusion allows you to quickly identify the necessary data sets for your application and secure it so only those authorized can access it. Broader security policies can be applied across the entire data lake, at the document level, or at query time.

Rich Data Visualization

Most data lakes and Hadoop platforms provide little support for visualization or analytics. Lucidworks Silk provides a rich interface for data exploration and visualization on the data lake so both admins and stakeholders can measure app performance and success.

Rapid Development

Hadoop is perfect for storage and processing, but not search apps. Fusion ships with integrations for leading distros (Cloud, Hortonworks, MapR) and real-time/streaming frameworks (Spark, Kafka). Silk provides instant insights and visualization for discovery.

What can Fusion do for you?

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