Students of economics are familiar with the market-clearing function of a shakeout, the darwinian moment following market expansion where there’s a consolidation of key players, and where customer options narrow in the face of the emerging oligarchies and their barriers to entry.

Except for, well, open source. And so turns the wheel in search technology, as noted by our partners at Ixxus, the leading Alfresco reseller integrator for the UK:

For me, the idea that you can deploy an open source technology stack of Alfresco ECM and Lucene/Solr search, with a full commercial, SLA based support offering, along with the flexibility to craft your own solutions, develop your own long term vision and solution, but with access to the original product engineers of the underlying technologies, is going to be the catalyst to further the adoption and maturity of the open source model.

Steve Odart, director of Ixxus, makes a good argument about how we got here and why it’s a good thing. Read more here.

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