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Building a Business Case for Enterprise Search and Proving ROI

Everyone complains how horrid internal search is, yet management demands to see ROI before releasing budget to fix it.

IDC Research Director, David Schubmehl and Lucidworks VP Content, Diane Burley dives into how top Fortune 1000 companies generate measurable ROI for enterprise search and enable their employees to find insights to make smarter business decisions. We’ll show you how to build an actionable business case that your c-suite can’t refuse.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prove ROI for enterprise search
  • Identify the key technical components required for implementing a smarter and more powerful search experience you need for your business
  • Set yourself up to be the champion in your company to get search right


Diane Burley
Diane Burley
VP Content, Lucidworks
Dave Schubmehl
Dave Schubmehl
Research Director, IDC
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