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Scalable & Proactive Ecommerce Business Operations

Presented at virtual Activate 2020. Machine learning models are something that business users shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads about, right? Nonsense! In the age of machine learning, the business user’s role is to define models. Are you ready? Most business people aren’t, not because they lack the requisite skills, but because technical teams and software vendors have taken it upon themselves to define models without business input.

Peter Curran, General Manager of Digital Commerce, Lucidworks

Intended Audience:
Ecommerce business operations and optimization team members.

Attendee Takeaway:
Learn what models are, what models require to operate, and we will propose an organizational framework for ecommerce operations relative to machine-learning-driven sites. We will look at several examples of common ecommerce problems, demonstrate model-based solutions, and discuss where models can go next.

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