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The Case for Semantic-Based Approaches to Product Discovery

Search is a key component of companies’ product discovery and customer service strategy. Much more than simply avoiding the dreaded “null results” problem, sophisticated search programs provide contextually relevant products and content in real-time, based on deriving intent from the customer and using that information deep into the customer interaction to serve their needs explicitly.

Guest speaker and Forrester senior analyst, Scott Compton, is an expert in retail ecommerce and direct to consumer marketing. Scott advises companies on the strategies and technologies needed to serve the customer within today’s quickly – changing ecommerce environment. Lucidworks Digital Commerce General Manager, Peter Curran, will host a webinar on January 21 discussing:

  • The many ways companies can apply digital commerce search to drive onsite conversions, grow revenue and increase customer loyalty
  • How to extend the insights from your company’s search program to omnichannel customer service use cases
  • From Lucidworks, how Vector Search helped some of the world’s largest ecommerce companies address consumer goals over the 2020 holiday shopping season
  • How AI-powered product discovery enables retailers to understand and deliver on customer goals for higher customer satisfaction and engagement amplifying the impact on AOV and conversion


Access the presentation slides here.


Scott Compton
Scott Compton
Senior Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals, Forrester
Peter Curran
Peter Curran
General Manager, Digital Commerce, Lucidworks
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