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How to (Finally!) Get Relevant Results From SharePoint’s Search

If you are not getting the results you want from SharePoint search, or you are frustrated trying to integrate additional data sources to the mix (including multiple versions of SharePoint) you may be intrigued to learn how enterprises in all industries are solving these challenges.

Join SharePoint experts Tomasz Sobczak from Findwise and John Lenker from Lucidworks as they discuss how limitations to SharePoint’s search actually hinders productivity and decision making — and how it can be solved with AI-powered search. They will start from basics like text processing to match documents, controlling ranking by boost factors, exploring rules and best practices.

Then we will look at how Lucidworks Fusion — with its powerful search engine, AI recommenders, and machine learning models — provides a scalable platform for search applications. Its built-in connectors provide an ideal data integration framework with SharePoint — allowing you to integrate sources and tune search easily.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Provide relevant search results with SharePoint search
  • Personalize search results using traditional & machine learning approaches
  • Analyze user intent to provide more accurate search results
  • Scale — when the dataset is huge and still growing.


John Lenker
John Lenker
Senior Sales Engineer, Lucidworks
Tomasz Sobczak
Tomasz Sobczak
Regional Sales Manager, Findwise
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