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Question Answering and Virtual Assistants with Deep Learning

Users are moving from queries and search to just asking questions. They expect to just ask questions like: “How can I plug my earbuds into my iPhone 6?” Simple keyword search is often no longer sufficient.

In the past this was largely rule and keyword driven. It required enriching content with metadata, building thesauri and even ontologies. But the latest research shows there is a more powerful way: Deep Learning.

In this webinar, we’ll look at how Deep Learning can be used to create Question Answering and Virtual Assistant type systems and the accuracy and performance of different approaches. We’ll even demo an insurance-industry question answering system scenario.


Sava Kolbachev
Sava Kolbachev
AI Research Engineer, Lucidworks
Sanket Shahane
Sanket Shahane
Data Scientist, Lucidworks
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