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Understanding Clinical Trials Data

Pharmaceutical companies deal with ever increasing amounts of complex data in the pursuit of creating the next life-saving drugs and biologics. Data lakes, data warehouses, and analytic solutions alone have not significantly accelerated or decreased the cost of this research. We’ll look at a different approach to handling, transforming, and analyzing data to improve insights and reduce time-to-market.

Join us for a guided tour of an approach that allows stakeholders across the drug development lifecycle to create, enrich, share, and analyze data in a more flexible, cost efficient, and scalable manner.

This webinar will explore:

  • The key problems (and broken promises) of big data in the pharmaceutical industry
  • How to capture and enrich the mountains of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in your organization
  • Using AI and machine learning to augment human intelligence
  • An example of visualizing and exploring Clinical Trials data



Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Technical Engagement Manager, Lucidworks
John Underwood
John Underwood
Senior Solution Architect, Lucidworks
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