When you deployed Endeca, it was the best ecommerce search on the market. With state of the art relevance, faceted search, and customer experience tools it drove search for most of the large ecommerce sites. But that was then. With years since a major refresh, Endeca fails to meet customer expectations today.

Here are six reasons to ditch Endeca and switch to Lucidworks Fusion today:

1. AI-powered UX Converts More Browsers…Into Buyers

In the age of Amazon and Google, customers don’t expect to learn your site; they expect it to learn them. Leverage customer Signals and AI-powered search to determine intent and recommend products that meets your customers wants.

AI-powered recommendations result in higher average order size — leading to greater transactions and revenue.

“We’ve seen dramatic bumps in conversion rates and, overall, some of those key success metrics for transactional revenue within an order of magnitude of a 50% increase since the migration.”

– Marc Desormeau, Senior Manager, Digital Customer Experience, Lenovo

2. Head-n-Tail Analysis

Customers don’t always describe things in the same terms that your site does. An Artificial Intelligence technique called “Head-n-Tail Analysis” automatically fixes search keywords based on misspellings, word order, synonyms and other types of common mismatches.

3. Data & Expertise Protection

Your customer insights are what drive algorithms. Don’t be fooled into using blackbox products that take your expertise to refine their algorithms — taking away your data, your control — and your merchandising knowledge!

Your algorithms should be just that. Yours.

4. Stats-Based Predictions

Rules are great, but they shouldn’t be a work horse. They can turn into a maintenance nightmare. Instead use AI-powered search to rely on stats and reduce rules.

Save rules to boost seasonal items, new trends — or whenever your merchandise expertise says you should.

5. Powerful Analytics

App Insights allows your analysts to look at customers at both a personal and statistical level. You will also be able to see what works and what doesn’t using A/B testing and experiments.

6. Faster Indexing

You can’t sell what you can’t serve, so faster indexing lets you be more agile in your merchandising.

Further, make ancillary business data from ERP and supply chain systems readily available to drive search results and recommendations.

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