We are pleased to announce the release of Fusion 4, our application development platform for creating powerful search-driven data applications.

Fusion 4 is our most significant release to date and we’ve been hard at work to bring you our most feature-rich and production-ready release.

Introducing Fusion Apps

Fusion Apps are a logical grouping of all linked Fusion objects. Apps can be exported and shared between Fusion instances, promoting multi tenant deployment and significantly reducing the time to value for business to deploy smart search applications. Fusion Objects within Apps can be shared as well, significantly reducing development time, reducing duplication and promoting reusability.

Updates to Fusion AI

We’ve added significant updates to our AI suite. Fusion AI now includes several new features to allow organizations to deliver superior, industry leading search relevance powered by our powerful AI Capabilities:

Experiment Management & A/B Testing

Our new Experiment Management framework provides a full suite of A/B testing tools for comparing different production pipeline configuration variants to determine which pipelines are most successful. This allows tuning of Fusion pipelines for a significant increase in relevancy, click throughs and conversions.

All New Smart Jobs

Smart jobs are pre-configured, tested, and optimized AI jobs for Spark that bring the most popular models and approaches of machine learning to your apps. Our data scientists have tweaked and optimized a couple dozen of these jobs through extensive deployment in both testing and customer production environments.

Just drop them into your query or index pipelines and you’re ready to go. Smart jobs range from clustering and outlier detection, classification, query insights like head-n-tail analysis, content insights like statistically interesting phrases, and user insights like item similarity recommenders.

App Insights

App Insights is our new interface for providing detailed, real-time, customizable dashboards to visualize your App and Query Analytics. Our built in analytics reports based on our Smart Jobs provide key metrics for analyzing query performance.

Refreshed UI and Enhanced App-Centric Workflows

We’ve taken your valuable feedback and overhauled our UI with a fresh new look and feel, optimizing for App development and deployment workflows. Significant updates to our Object Explorer allow visualization of Apps and the intrinsic relationships between shared Fusion objects.

Connectors SDK

Our new Connectors SDK provides a stable API interface for development of custom connectors to ingest data into Fusion. This can be used to augment our suite of 200+ data sources allowing for us to ingest data from ANY data source.

And Under the Hood

And of course, Fusion 4.0 is powered by Apache Solr 7.2.1 and Apache Spark 2.3.

Webinar: What’s New In Fusion 4

Join Lucidworks SVP of Engineering Trey Grainger for a guided tour of what’s new and improved with Fusion 4. You’ll learn how Fusion 4 lets you build portable apps that can be quickly deployed anywhere, manage experiments for more success queries, and execute sophisticated custom AI jobs across your data.

Full details and registration.

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