Today we’re releasing the optimized Lucidworks integration with commercetools, one of the leaders in cloud-native, headless ecommerce solutions delivering best-in-class experiences for B2C and B2C organizations across the Fortune 1000 and emerging digitally native brands. The integration will allow catalog data extraction from commercetools into Fusion, providing a more dynamic search and discovery option for users.

Fusion out-of-the-box machine learning and AI capabilities enable:

  • AI-Driven Relevancy and Recommendations: Use AI algorithms to control search relevancy and recommendations based on existing user’s signals
  • Fine Tuned Control: Apply logic during indexing or query time, and curate business rules to override relevancy cases for individual searches
  • Cloud-Native Indexing Code: Index content from CommerceTools on-demand with scalable Lambda or GCP Functions

Once data is indexed it can be queried and searched from a commercetools application using the Lucidworks Fusion API. Fusion-sdk can be scheduled to extract data on a timely basis in order to automate indexing the catalog whenever changes are made to the commercetools store.

Lucidworks has provided a modified version of the commercetools Sunrise single page application as an example of how to integrate with Fusion on the front-end. The code to query Fusion can be deployed to the cloud or directly from the JavaScript code in the shopper’s browser.

Bring Your Own Model

For organizations with machine learning and data expertise in-house. With Fusion, data scientists don’t have to rely on developers to translate and recode algorithms into production system languages (like Java) before they can be deployed for indexing and querying. Fusion customers with commercetools can “Bring Their Own Algorithm” to use favorite tools like scikit-learn, spaCy, and TensorFlow to develop the models that work best for their business. 

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