Yesterday, I get an e-mail from one of our Apache Lucene/Solr committers asking me what I meant by my comment on the Apache JIRA. For those of you unfamiliar with this JIRA, it is where open source developers go to collaborate on Apache projects, post questions, new ideas for a project, and generally engage in thread discussions around the Apache projects.

Not knowing what in the hell he was talking about I went to the dialogue thread, and lo and behold, there I am plain as day making some off the cuff remark. Besides the fact I had no idea about what was being discussed in the thread, my name shows up with this strange and inappropriate comment. A quick investigation uncovered that an as yet unidentified individual out of the UK set up an account on the Apache JIRA using my name with a bogus e-mail address and interjected¬† this incorrect and tasteless comment, on my behalf, in the middle of the thread. I guess he/she assumed that since the thread concerned work being performed on the Apache Lucene/Solr projects that everyone associated with the project would know that I am the CEO of Lucidworks. If you ever needed more evidence not to believe everything you read on the web here you go!!! I have to admit that this did give rise to my Sherlock Holmes persona and I’m off trying to find out the true identity of this dastardly villain. Let him or her know that when I uncover their identity, my retribution will be swift and excruciatingly painful!!!

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