The amount of digital information available to us has become astronomical. Customers have more options and information to sift through than ever before. As a result, the ability to infer the goals of customers and users is extremely important in meeting their needs. In a world in which internet search powered by AI has become the norm, the bar for what is possible when searching a digital brand’s site is set high. Intelligent search is quickly becoming a widespread method for keeping pace with the expectations of users whose options are limitless.

What Is Intelligent Search?

Intelligent search is AI-powered search that is designed to understand a user’s goal, and return results that are based on the inference of that goal. This requires going far beyond direct query matches. Intelligent search combines elements of semantic vector search and machine learning technology to construct a picture of the overall goal that a user may have when arriving at a website and conducting a search. For example, when a user searches for “key lime pie” on a baking website, a question arises: are they looking for ingredients, instructions, or a finished pie outright? When relying entirely on a lexical search method (the focus being keywords), the answer isn’t necessarily clear. Intelligent search has the best shot at taking into account the various signals that a customer has given to best understand the intent of the search.

How Does Intelligent Search Work?

Intelligent search better understands the goals and intentions of customers by combining Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and semantic vector search. Both machine learning and NLP enable the ability to predict and create tailored results for each individual user. Semantic vector search learns from shopper behavior to encode products and queries in a shared vector space – sort of like the way groceries are organized in aisles and shelves in a physical store. Using these technologies together creates an intelligent search experience that can infer beyond the queries input into the search box, such as linking a user to relevant content for research purposes, or connecting them with specific product information that they may need for a project.

What Makes Intelligent Search Important?

Intelligent search is critical to creating more meaningful digital experiences. Customers have an increasing number of resources on the internet, which makes finding what they really want all the more challenging. In fact, the sheer amount of information available impacts more than just customers, too. Support and customer service agents also feel the effects of accelerated digital transformation. There’s more tickets and customer information to wade through, and being able to do so quickly is vital to maintaining the quality of service. Having intelligent search solutions can greatly enhance both the customer’s ability to find what they are looking for and the support agent’s ability to provide information quickly.

At the end of the day, intelligent search augments the experience of both customer and support agent by adding a layer of understanding and intent.

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