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Fusion App Creation

Fusion’s application studio enables your team to quickly create search and data discovery applications for web and mobile.

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Create Personal, Contextual Application Experiences

Data doesn’t matter. Personal insights do. Fusion’s application studio gives you a comprehensive suite of modular components that can be configured to deliver personal insights, with context uniquely relevant to each user.

AI for Dynamic Personalization

Fusion personalizes queries with AI models trained on signals like user profiles, behavior, or location. Our semantic knowledge graph interprets query content to give full context to every user.

Engaging, Configurable User Interface

App developers can choose from a comprehensive suite of modular components for faceted navigation, data visualization, geospatial mapping, detail pages, and topic landing pages.

Social and Collaboration Tools

Tools and workflows extend your application with the ability to store user-generated information, and to share this information among groups of authenticated users.

Page Layout Control

A flexible grid layouts control how elements appear on any screen or device, and how they behave when a visible area or screen resolution changes.

Prototype in Hours, Not Weeks

A modular structure and pre-built components accelerate application development. Stateless architecture ensures apps are robust, easy to deploy, and highly scalable.

Pre-Built Components

A library of pre-built components for predictive applications. Modules include: complex visualizations, geo-spatial search and analysis, and automatically generated detail and topic pages.

Wizard-Driven Workflow

A quick-start, wizard-driven workflow helps build applications quickly and is supported by a range of solution templates for common scenarios.

App Studio Gallery

A gallery provides visual examples of all  elements, with code snippets that developers can copy, paste, and edit in their own views and dashboards.

Robust, Enterprise-Grade Security

Fusion apps ship with the industry standard security expected by Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies. Permissions can be enforced by criteria like record, role, or geography.

User Authentication and Authorization

Fusion restricts access to known users via a two-stage process: Authentication (via secure sign-on) and Authorization (associating the user with permissions to UI components and REST API requests).

Manage Users With Security Realms

Fusion uses security realms that can reference one or more Fusion roles, from external directory services such as: Windows Single Sign-On, CA SiteMinder, Container Managed Authentication, and many others.

Security Trimming

Fusion stores security ACL metadata associated with items and indexes them as fields. Security trimming matches this information against the user ID and does not display results outside of permissions.

Explore the Lucidworks Fusion Platform

Lucidworks Fusion is the data discovery platform that gives users contextual, personally relevant search results and proactive recommendations with artificial intelligence that augments their human intelligence. Millions of users can discover insights at the moment they have a question, without any training, and even across billions of documents or records.

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Lucidworks Fusion Pricing

Lucidworks offers pricing across three product tiers, either self-hosted by your team or as a Lucidworks managed service in the cloud with list prices calibrated to expected usage levels.

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What will you build with Fusion?

Ready to create amazing AI-powered apps? Contact us today to learn how Fusion can help you and your team build search and data discovery applications that dazzle your customers and empower your employees.

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