Fusion Intent Prediction

Fusion applies the power of machine learning to capture signals from users and provide a personalized experience.

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Intent Prediction

Fusion applies the power of machine learning to create self-learning feedback loops, generating deep insights from captured user signals, curating experiences, boosting search relevance, and recommending content optimized for each user.

Read Their Minds, Know Their Intent

Help your readers find what they are looking for — right from the search bar. By combining personalization, predictive type-ahead, and multi-modal recommendations leveraging both content-based matching and collaborative-filtering, Fusion can recommend queries, recommend products, auto-correct spellings, suggest related content, and provide intelligent search experiences which consistently and accurately predict user intent and deliver hyper-personalized results.

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Search is not one size fits all. Every user has unique interests based on search, browsing and purchase history. Fusion can cater search to each user’s interests.

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Predictive Search

Guessing user intent while they are typing helps generate the best results. Correct typos, disambiguate terms, and suggest query improvements and related options — all from the search box — saving time and curbing frustrations.

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This is Fusion’s wheelhouse. Collaborative filtering plus content-based matching means bye-bye cold start problems and hello to high-quality recommendations that blend user interactions with full domain understanding.

Artificial Intelligence on Query

Automatic Query Rewriting

Query rewriting uses AI-generated data to improve incoming queries prior to submitting them to Fusion. These rewrites learn to map less common long-tail queries to more well-known query interpretations, producing more personalized search results with higher user click-through rates.

A/B Testing

Fusion’s Experiments API lets users set up relevancy experiments to optimize click-through rates and other relevancy metrics. Experiments can be run as A/B split tests on live user traffic, as Multi-armed Bandits tests that auto-adjust test parameters based on real-time feedback loops, or as offline backtesting simulations against historical clickstream data. This enables orders of magnitude more tests to be run in the same amount of time — without negatively impacting live customers.

Intent Detection

Fusion interprets query intent using proprietary phrase detection, synonym detection, misspelling detection, head-tail analysis, and concept understanding algorithms. Fusion’s Semantic Knowledge Graph relates these domain-specific entities (people, places, things, topics, phrases) and concepts within queries enabling contextual, semantic search that correctly interprets each user’s query within their unique context and returns the best search results.

Signal Analytics

User signals are collected for analysis on how to personalize the search experience. While signals are used to generate personalization profiles and recommendations for each user, they are also leveraged in aggregate to power boosting of most popular items and for learning to rank. Fusion also generates rich visualizations and reports from raw and aggregated signals to make business analysis of your search engine utilization fast and intuitive.

Everything AI In Just 3 Minutes

How You Can Predict With Signals

Signals are user behaviors that give you hints about their intentions. Lucid Thoughts explains what signals are and how they can be used in business to predict and influence customers.

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Clustering vs. Classification – How Are They Different?

Fusion leverages classification algorithms to categorize users and data based upon provided training data or documents fields, as well as clustering algorithms to discover new insights from your raw user signals and documents. Both can be used to create additional features for query interpretation and matching, relevancy boosting, customer segmentation, and search navigation.

Explore the Lucidworks Fusion Platform

Lucidworks Fusion is the data discovery platform that gives users contextual, personally relevant search results and proactive recommendations with artificial intelligence that augments their human intelligence. Millions of users can discover insights at the moment they have a question, without any training, and even across billions of documents or records.

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Lucidworks Fusion Pricing

Lucidworks offers pricing across three product tiers, either self-hosted by your team or as a Lucidworks managed service in the cloud with list prices calibrated to expected usage levels.

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