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Powering Advanced Search and Complex Filtering Using Solr Streaming Expressions at Fitch Solutions

The Fusion platform powered by Solr is our primary interface to search various kinds of content on our flagship product Fitch Connect. Some content types are directly searchable, however, others are available through filtering and drilling down the data. Our complexity of data requires us to store the content into different collections in Solr. This session will cover a use case on how to implement streaming expression. We will showcase the power of streaming expressions in handling complex data structure and how it enables us to perform text search, numeric range filters, alpha numeric range filters, all together at the same time on different data sets. We will also present the solution we devised to enhance the query performance through a hybrid approach involving streaming expressions and Fusion query pipelines. We will cover use cases on streaming sources and streaming decorators implementation.

Weiling Su, Sr. Software Engineer, Fitch Solutions
Prem Prakash, Technical Lead, Fitch Solutions

Intended Audience:
This session would be helpful for Solr developers and architects. If you are working on complex data structure in Solr and looking for a solution on how to query and filter the data, you don’t want to miss this session!

Attendee Takeaway:
In this session attendees will learn how to implement queries using streaming expression involving complex data structures and joins. We will cover various streaming expression functions and integrating streaming expression with Fusion.

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